A Journey Through Raw Veganism

A recent diet that has been gaining in popularity recently is raw veganism, where those who practice it try to eat food as naturally as possible. They believe that this makes them more lively, and that consuming purer food will allow them to be purer as well. Raw veganism involves primarily fruits and vegetables, but you can also consume other non-animal products while on this diet, like seeds, nuts, and herbs. What makes this different from regular veganism is that you can’t eat food which has been cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The idea behind the raw vegan diet is that there are both biological and spiritual benefits to be gained from eating food in a more natural state. Viktoras Kulviskas is a raw vegan who also co-founded the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. He says that diets rich in fat and sugar cause people to be more sedated whereas the raw vegan diet can help to energize and liven people.

Although experts may not be willing to fully embrace this diet plan, they certainly can’t deny that there are numerous positive effects of eating foods that are more natural, especially when compared to the sugar-filled, processed foods that most people choose to eat. If you are considering making the change to raw veganism, take your time and allow your body to adjust to the new diet. Kulvinskas recommends starting with vegetarianism before moving to veganism and then raw veganism which will prevent your body from going into shock with all the big changes.

If you’re ready to begin your raw veganism journey, a great way to start is by eating a salad for breakfast. Salads offer plenty of scope for variety, with so many different fruits and vegetables that can be added to the mix each day. Start off with some peppers, onions, fennel seeds and more, combined with your favorite leafy green veggies like kale or spinach. You can even throw some nuts and beans into the salad to help provide your daily protein intake. This is the perfect way to start a day, with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals being provided by a salad.

It’s also important to realize that a raw vegan diet still allows you to eat a myriad of meals. You can still eat pasta for example, as long as the pasta is made from vegetable-based sources like zucchinis. You can add your own oils, nuts, spices and herbs to create new dishes to suit your diet. Other foods like sprouts and avocados will greatly help to make your diet complete. There are a lot of ways you can make a raw vegan diet varied and fun, so mix things up to fully enjoy the benefits of this healthy journey.


Source: TheFlamingVegan



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