More Options for Vegans in Restaurants

As veganism becomes more popular, there are more and more vegan options popping up in restaurants.

One of the biggest struggles that many people faced as they made the decision to be vegan was that they had a very limited number of options when it came to dining out. Previously, there were only a few vegan options that showed up on restaurant menus, but this has been changing recently as more people choose veganism.

More people are becoming vegan

A study done in 2011 by the Vegetarian Resource Group found that about 5% of Americans are vegetarians and around half of them are actually vegan. Today, this percentage is almost certainly higher. Because so many of these vegetarians and vegans refused to be left behind when their families and friends went out to eat, they learned to work with the restaurant to get what they needed.

Because of the difficulty this proved, between being selective in restaurant choices, carefully selecting foods that could easily be changed to suit their needs, and having to ask a lot of questions, it was always a relief to find existing vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. For vegetarians and vegans alike, it looks like those magical restaurant options are going to be even easier to find.

Today, vegan options at restaurants are the ‘new normal’

Once, it was only certain parts of the world that had a vegan-friendly atmosphere. However, today, it appears that more and more restaurants are becoming aware of the differences in people’s preferences.

Restaurant choices aren’t just limited to certain genres of food; even BBQ joints and greasy spoons are now offering vegan options. Michelle Kretzer, a vegan-dining columnist, says, “I’m telling you, restaurant ‘segregation’ is over. You can get vegan meals almost anywhere now.”

Actors, talent agents, and the ‘average Joe’ are being attracted to veganism, especially with the surging popularity in the media toward this plant-based diet realm. Restaurant owners are embracing the vegan / vegetarian group. In fact, Tony Yanow, an influential beer entrepreneur, says, “I’m not the food police, but I like opening the vegan door for people. People will order food like that because it tastes good.”

Check out the restaurant guide to find a few of the many vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurant options near you!


Source: News.TheRawWorld

Photo credit: Flickr/jhritz



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