James Cameron Speaks on Why He is Vegan

James Cameron is a well-known director and climate change activist. He is also a vegan and recently delivered a message as to how going vegan will help impact the environment in a positive way.

He said, “The thing that became abundantly clear to us when we met with the experts who are working in nutrition and energy sustainability and climate change is that we can’t actually meet our emission goals if we don’t address animal agriculture, and that’s the thing that’s been left out of the conversation.

For those who care about the environment, it is important that they understand the impact that animals being raised for food has on it. Here are some important facts to consider.

– Your CO2 emissions are cut in half as soon as you go vegan.

– One pound of beef requires 2,500 gallons of water.

– 80% of the deforestation in the Amazon happens to raise cattle.

– Rivers and ground water are severely contaminated by factory farming.

Although these facts may be terrifying, Cameron concluded his message with hope, saying, “The simple resounding message is you can be healthier and your planet can be healthier based on a very simple thing that you can do today. And you’ll also save money because eating a plant-based diet is just frankly cheaper. It’s cheaper to produce plants. It’s less carbon footprint, less water footprint, less money footprint and better for you

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