20 Benefits of Avocados

Although most people know that avocados are healthy, they may not realize just how many health benefits these amazing fruits actually have. A single serving of 100 grams of avocado has 12% of your daily value of B vitamins, 20% of your vitamin K, and 10% of your potassium. They are also high in carotenoids and phytosterols like lutein zeaxanthin, which help give your skin a healthy glow in addition to promoting your overall health.

Here are just 20 of the many health benefits of avocados:

1. They work with a wide variety of healthy diets.

2. They help your body better absorb important fat-soluble nutrients.

3. They make a delicious sandwich spread that will quickly cut your calorie count.

4. They make it easy to add fruits to your daily intake.

5. They are awesome hydrating and soothing face masks.

6. They are surprisingly delicious in smoothies and desserts.

7. They have NO cholesterol and NO salt.

8. They are creamy enough for babies to try them as a first food.

9. They can lower the risk of heart disease.

10. They have 81 mg of carotenoids in every serving which helps strengthen the eyes.

11. They improve cognitive function as well as improving overall nervous system function.

12. They contain healthy fat that makes them a great substitute for any recipe that calls for animal fats.

13. They can be eaten raw, grilled, or baked.

14. They can be used in dishes from Mexican cuisine to Asian cusine.

15. They only have 50 calories per 1 ounce serving.

16. They are creamy and rich in flavor.

17. They are a great snack to eat after working out.

18. They go well with quinoa and a number of other whole grain foods.

19. They can be made into amazingly delicious and creamy popsicles.

20. They can be mashed to create an amazing condiment for anything.

The amazing avocado: beautiful, versatile, healthy, and delicious.



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